Sobha Royal Pavilion

When we mention royalty, we expect Rajasthan. If there’s any state which is that the symbol of versatility, royalty and aesthetics, it’ll always be Rajasthan. For years, Rajasthan has been the center of royalty. within today , it holds high a perfect amalgamation of the vintage also because the days . Although we’ve left far behind the age of kings,queens, wars and everything that speaks of royalty, the state still features slightly of splendor left behind. Since the start of civilization in Rajasthan, the architecture and thus the aesthetics of the town has kept the memories from its royal past intact and alive.

The state gets its reputation from having a desirable and intriguing past. The name of the town in itself could even be a representation of its royal past. Rajasthan means the land of kings. within the past, the state has housed few of the bravest warriors of all time. The state has seen few of the deadliest wars and wins. And even today, Rajasthan refuses to lose its glory as a state that represents majesty and mystery. Rajasthan used to be one among the richest states, both culturally and economically. This has been a favorite place for the kings and emperors to return and stay. Even within today , the city, its aesthetics and thus the architecture however fits perfectly to what its name stands for.

The history of Rajasthan goes back to 5000 years. it’s been invaded and purchased by more emperors and kings than we’ll name or remember. Going around the present-day Rajasthan, you’ll still sense a presence of the past left behind by these rulers. Travelling through the town, every few kilometres reveals a decorated arcade or gives you a glance at the peak of a palace. The hilly region combined with the palaces provides a strong view.

Not only the royalty of the past, but this culture of Rajasthan also compensates for its eccentric reputation. the agricultural city of Bikaner, Jaisalmer still holds tight the Rajasthani culture of parents dance, colourful art and its unique way of entertaining. The replication of its royal past is reflected perfectly within the way the people in Rajasthan welcome and treat guests, the way they dress and live life.

The state still maintains its royalty in its own unique way. The cities of Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur are what represent the fashionable day Rajasthan. But there’s still this speck of royal feeling left within the town . The state still speaks of its cultural abundance through its architecture that carries the mark and signature designs of the Rajput era.

The state has attracted and drawn people from everywhere the planet for tourist purposes and more. no matter what proportion you’ve explored the state, the state will still have something more to provide to you. Every turn, every corner of the town tells a story of its royal past and thus the more you get to know , the more you'll be wanting to know . the town is so aesthetically pleasing and mindfully beautiful that it’s hard to not fall crazy with the people and culture. many construction programs including hotels and residential buildings have tried to duplicate the Rajput style architecture so on bring you a primary hand experience of the royal lifestyle. The outlook represents the vastness of great point about the palace and thus the within being the replication of the shine and glory. there’s little question that the aesthetic of any city is delivered to life by its outlook. Rajasthan presents an impeccable panorama for that.In addition to the tourist places around the city, the town walk itself gives how of knowing the town .

The place is so lucrative for the visitors itself, imagine having the power to feel its royalty but not as a visitor. Yes, you’ll also get a taste of this royalty by being a resident of Sobha Royal Pavilion, a project in Bangalore constructed by Sobha Limited. it’s been constructed to supply you that majestic feeling. the event has been done following the unconventional Rajput architecture. Sp, whether you’re in Rajasthan or not, the Sobha Royal Pavilion brings to life the quote “live king size” by offering you interiors that resemble the Rajput royalty.